Vector Video Production

Our Total Solution
We provide a simple one-stop solution for your video production. Starting with from a free initial meeting, we take care of script writing, filming editing, authoring and mastering to your chosen format.

Marketing and Creative Consultants
We often work with marketing consultants and advertising agencies. So if you already have a creative consultant, we can work alongside them on your video project.
If you are a creative marketing consultant or an advertising agency, and have a client who is interested in video media, we can offer impartial advice and work with you to bring the project to fruition.

Film or edit only
If you only need a crew or partial crew for filming, we offer very competitive flexible day and half-day filming rates. We also offer editing, DVD / Blu-ray authoring and TV broadcast tape production - again at very competitive rates.

Our Top Ten Tips
In association with Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, Vector Productions have written The Top 10 Tips for producing a Corporate Video. The documant can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Video Production Process

This starts with a no-obligation initial meeting with you, to find out what the production has to achieve, the target audience, approximate running time and locations involved. From this meeting, we set out the creative style of the production. We also define the production objectives, the content and sets a budgetary cost. Once you are happy, scripts are produced, together with a location and filming schedule and rough storyboards. These are then refined prior to the start of filming. Our unique approach to the production process allows for maximum flexibility, while giving you the best possible value from your production budget without compromising the quality of the finished production.

A typical crew would consist of a camera operator / director, sound engineer and production assistant. This crew may not be needed for all the locations involved. A simple shot may only require a camera operator, while a more complex production will require additional crew. We will use the appropriate level of crew to ensure that filming is conducted professionally, safely and provides the most cost effective solution.

For any external locations which are on private property, location filming permits and health and safety risk assessments will be required. We will arrange for all necessary permissions, releases and paperwork prior to the start of filming

This is the part of the process where the raw footage is assembled and edited into the final programme. Visual effects, audio voiceovers, music tracks and sound effects may also be required, and these all come together to make the finished programme. A first cut if then made available for the customer to comment on, and once approved, a final master is produced.

Depending on the final use of the programme, it is then output to an appropriate delivery format, which may be web Flash, DVD, Blu-ray or TV broadcast.

Future changes
All our editing and mastering are done in a digital format, which allows future changes to the production to be made quickly and economically. This might be as simple as a change of telephone number, or it may be to change graphics or replace obsolete footage.

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