TV Commercials and Production

Television Commercials
TV advertising is generally perceived to be very expensive - but regional TV advertising can be very cost effective, especially when compared with other print advertising media; regional newspapers or mail-shots and brochures. It may surprise you to know that you can have a 30 second advertising campaign which includes prime-time spots, produced filmed and running on ITV Anglia for less than £12,000 - with a potential regional audience of 1.9 million viewers!
We work primarily within the ITV Anglia region, although we can place advertising within other ITV regions or on other TV channels. We can bring in the creative talents, organise the scripting, filming and editing. We can also deal with the advertising approval signoff and then deliver your finished commercial to the TV broadcaster for screening.

Television Programme Production
With the massive increase in digital TV channels, broadcasters are always looking for new programme ideas and formats. If you are a creative producer, concept developer or if you have a good idea for a new TV programme, give us a call. We can help you present the idea to television broadcasters, and if it is accepted, we may collaborate with you on the production. We work mainly with ITV and Channel 4, producing some of their most watched documentaries, so we are always looking for new ideas for hard-hitting and revealing documentary production concepts.

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