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Worker Skewered by a Forklift Truck !
Not a real horrific accident, but a special effect which we filmed as part of a corporate health and safety video. Our scriptwriter came up with the idea of a sequence featuring a man being gored on the front of a forklift truck. The client thought it was a great idea and so the next challenge was to shoot it and make it look totally realistic. With the help of CGI special effects and a good stunt actor, we created a real attention grabber.

Off to Sunny Spain - again
With a documentary shoot for a mind over body feature. We filmed the work of a Hypnotherapy and NLP Therapy clinic on the Costa del Sol where they have pioneered the fitting of a Gastric Mind Band™ which allows patients to lose excess weight without having to resort to gastric surgery. The treatment has since been featured in many newspapers and magazines.

Swords At The Ready !
Yes, real swords were used when we filmed the VIP opening of The Campanile Hotel Group's new £6 million hotel at Grange Park. It is the first in the UK to feature Campanile's new contemporary design and stylish, modern facilities. To celebrate the grand opening, a spectacular demonstration of the French art of Sabrage, (removing the top of a full Champagne bottle with a sword) was performed by members of The Golden Sabre.

Up Up and Away ...
Alarm clocks were definitely required for the early morning filming of the Northampton Balloon Festival. The balloons lift off from 6am and the intrepid balloonists start arriving at 5 o'clock! Fortunately, the weather was perfect for flying and we were able to capture the magic of their massed ascents for a HD documentary shoot.

We're on TV - again
We have recently completed a project for local government to encourage couples to consider becoming foster parents. The films were used on the fostering website and also turned into a DVD. Our filming was covered by a crew from BBC Television who filmed our crew at work, and the piece about our fostering film productions was later featured on the BBC evening news.

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