Video Productions Services

These are some of the services which we provide to our customers. If there is a video or television based production service not listed on our web site, which you require - please give us a call.

Script Writing
We have in-house script writing facilities, and also work with freelance script writers who are specialists in their fields; documentaries, marketing, training, and technical script writing.

We work with a variety of presenters and interviewers. All are full-time professionals, some you would know from popular television, and some you would not. If your production requires a presenter, we will help you choose one which is within your budget and delivers your message in the most effective way possible.

Green Screen
This powerful technique allows us to place your presenter, interviewer or other subject against any background which is either filmed, or computer generated (CGI). We can film green screen on location, or in a purposely equipped studio.

Website Video
Adding video to your website is a very powerful marketing tool and we can handle the whole process for you. Filming, editing and then linking the page on your site to our video streaming servers. The whole process is simple, straightforward and very inexpensive.

Voiceover and Narration
Using a voiceover is a very popular format for documentary style productions. As with presenters, we work with many professional and celebrity voiceover artists. Selecting the right one is crucial to delivering the production effectively. Again, you will benefit from our experience to ensure you have an voiceover artist who is perfectly suited for for your production.

Visual and 3D Effects
We have invested in state of the art equipment and software to create special and visual effects for video productions. We also have the creative expertise necessary to produce stunning effects.

Post Production
We can provide editing, mastering, format conversion and a full range of post production services, using industry standard digital editing systems.

DVD and Blu-ray Menu Design
Hollywood style DVD and Blu-ray menus can be as simple or a complex as you require. These can also be used to index special features on your DVD and also to access text and information pages.

Aerial, Cranes and Towers
The use of an aerial platform for our cameras allows us to film some dynamic and very eye-catching effects. Full size helicopters are perfect for that classic aerial tracking shot, radio controlled helicopters and drones can create amazing aerial shots, and apart from being much less expensive than full size helicopters, they can fly lower and closer to the subject, where full size helicopters cannot. Cranes and towers allow cameras to be elevated to over 30 metres, and as they are fixed, can be used for aerial timelapse - perfect for construction projects.

Video Production Crew
If you require freelance camera operators, lighting technicions, sound engineers or other production crew, give us a call. We can provide experienced professional crew at short notice for your production. All with full public liability insurance and at very competitive rates.

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