DVD Authoring

The versatility of the DVD allows us to make your video production truly interactive. For example, in the past, training films were usually shown to a group of trainees in a cinema style. Now, using an interactive DVD, your training programme can be given to individuals, who can then work through it at their own pace, using a standard TV, a desktop PC, or their laptop. By utilising the DVD's menu structure, the training can be broken down into modules which can include revision sections and even multiple choice tests. In addition to video, DVD's can include pages of text, graphics and animations.

Training videos are only one of the possible uses for interactive DVD's. If you would like more information and to discuss using a DVD for your video production, please contact us.

Blu-ray Authoring

Blu-ray allows the playback of video media that has been filmed in High Definition or HD. The brilliant quality of this format is particularly apparent when the production is shown on either large size plasma or LCD screens, or using a video projector.

The main use of this format in corporate video is for exhibitions, large exhibition stands, conferences and trade shows.

The broadcast quality cameras and editing facilities which we use, all support HD, allowing us to provide you with superb quality high definition video if required.

For more information on using Blu-ray and high Definition video, please contact us.

Disks Design and Packaging

The disk design and packaging for your DVD are important, particularly if it is designed to be used as a sales, marketing or promotional tool to be seen by existing or potential customers.

We can design the graphics for the disk face and the case insert - anything from a simple one colour screen print, to full colour disk and insert graphics.

Disk Duplication or Replication
While it is possible to burn DVD and Blu-ray disks on a standard PC, it is very time consuming and therefore if you are having more than about 50 produced, it is worth having them professionally duplicated.

Contact us for more information on using the various DVD and Blu-ray duplication options and prices.

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